Friday, January 14, 2011


A few nights ago, I was heading up to bed and thought I heard Jeremiah crying.  So, I opened the door to see what was wrong.  He was kind of whining/babbling incoherently.  It went like this.

Me:  Jeremiah what's wrong?
Jeremiah:  Nothing is wrong.
Me:  Oh ok, well you were crying.
Jeremiah:  I was?
Me:  Yes, it's ok.  Just go back to sleep.

I shut the door and went to my room.  I was texting my mom, and I hear him again.  It's the whiny, something is wrong, talking.  So I go open the door again.

Me:  Jeremiah - what is wrong?
Jeremiah:  NOTHING!
Me:  I heard you talking!
Jeremiah:  What did I say?
Me:  It's night time, and I want to go to sleep now.  Go back to sleep, ok?

It was all pretty funny.  He obviously had no clue what he was doing.  I only wish I could've understood what he was saying.

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