Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a great day

We are having a great day with school today.  It's not that anything out of the ordinary happened.  It's just that the kids know what to expect now, and they have gotten to where they can do their worksheets independently.  Even though they are working on our roof and it is LOUD, the boys were able to take their worksheets to their room and complete them while Ella helped me fold laundry (meaning she handed me stuff from the basket).  Lila sat contentedly nearby and put herself to sleep. I'm not saying every day is (or will be) like this, but it's nice to see them fitting into a routine.  I was just happy to accomplish something other than school today!!  Yesterday was a bit crazier, I mean just look at this crew!
 It's good news for me, because I need all of the "free" time I can get.  My sister and I are gearing up for a craft fair in November, and there are crafts to be crafted!
So if you are local (Toledo area), make sure and hit me up for the info, and if you aren't I do mail orders as well.  Here's my page!  There will be taggie blankets, baby legs, bows, bow holders, jewelry, and anything else we can dream up in the meantime.
It's good to know that just because we have a crazy day at home, it doesn't mean the next day won't be calm, cool, and involve a clean(er) house and some crafty fun!  It could be that encouraging bible study we had last night about building character in the midst of spiritual warfare.  Despite all of the things some of the ladies are dealing with right now, they are still able to be an encouragement to others and able to come together and have a very blessed time.  Praise the Lord for great fellowship and friends!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Home schooling

Well we've survived our first week and a half, although I believe we may be a little sillier for the record.
We've had a great time sliding into our routine.  They've learned so much already.  I think we are going to have a great year!  They were working on one of their journal assignments in the picture above.  We've been doing a Question of the Day every day, and believe me, the answers have been enlightening.  We studied butterflies last week.  All 5 of our butterflies were able to emerge, and can you believe I didn't even get a picture?  Maybe I'll go see if one of them is still hanging around.  We released them into our flowers in the front yard.  They were beautiful, but I'm in no hurry to do it again.  Let's just say it was grosser than I expected.  This week we are studying the moon, but it hasn't exactly been cooperative.  Every time we go to look at it, there are too many clouds!  It's been such a blessing for us to have this time as a family.  I wouldn't trade it!!

Also this week, Jonathan had his appt. with the allergist.  He's such a trooper, nothing seems to faze him.  He had to do a skin test.  Nothing can keep this kid from his math!
They determined that he has asthma, as well as the cat, dog, and mold allergies we knew about.  He has a couple of inhalers, allergy medicines, and an airflow meter to use.  All of the kids think the air flow meter is awesome, and Jonathan and Jeremiah are just thrilled that he can be back in their room and eat normally again.  Everybody is happy.  :)