Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sad criminal

This morning Ella got into my purse and rearranged all of my cards.  I caught her plastic handed.  So tonight, when I went to pay for our purchases at K-Mart I accidentally tried to use an expired card.  It was the same account we have, just an old card.

So, upon returning home I began cutting up the card.  The kids were having supper.  Jonathan and Jeremiah wanted to know why I was destroying that card.  I explained to them about how there are people out there who do bad things.  I told them that if someone got ahold of the number on my card then they could steal our money.  Jonathan understood it pretty well, but Jeremiah had this pitiful look on his face.  He said, "But, they will be sad!"  I asked him, "Who will be sad Jeremiah?"  "The people looking in the trash for your number.  If you destroy it then they won't be able to read it, and then they will be sad!"  I told him I really don't care if the people trying to steal my money are sad.  He said, "Well, maybe they like to steal!"  I said, "When you try to do bad things do I let you?"  "Oh no," he answered.  "Well I'm not going to let them either!"
He got on the phone with my mom later and said, "Stealing is bad!"  Atleast he finally got it.  Leave it to Jeremiah to be concerned about the feelings of the possible thief.

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