Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally got around to it

I've been meaning to start a blog for some time.  My kids are hilarious almost daily.  I need a place to jot down some memories.  I'm usually pretty good once I get started, it's just that first step.  Did I mention how OCD I am?  Well, atleast I finally did it.

Today we went to church, and then we had lunch at a different chinese restaurant than usual.  They had baby lobsters on the buffet.  I mentioned them to Joe, and the boys, particularly Jeremiah, were adamant about going up to see them.  So he took them by on the way out.  Jeremiah wanted to know why they weren't swimming.  Guess they thought it would be like the tank at Red Lobster!

Tonight I looked through the boys books they made in Sunday school of their family.  Jeremiah told me all about how Daddy was wearing Ella's pants and they were way too small.  Jonathan told me "My mommy is dressed so beautifully.  This is her shirt.  Ohhhh oh no.  I forgot her pants."  Art is a work in progress.

As for Ella, well, I caught her sneaking goldfish to Snickers.  Snickers is my parent's yorkie.  We are watching him while they are on vacation.  We've had him for almost a week now.  She must've just figured out the joys of sneaking the dog her food though.  Because every time she did it, she would give a little giggle.  She's a cute sneak.

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