Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Blessings

A few weeks ago, my son Jeremiah turned 5.
He got some birthday money and decided to place an order from Toys 'R' Us.  They were having a deal where you could spend $25 on animal planet toys and get a free T-rex.  Since he wanted a shark from them, this was perfect.  So he ordered:
So some time passes, and I got an email saying they couldn't fill his order and cancelled it.  I knew he was going to be upset.  I almost didn't tell him, and I thought I could try and hunt the stuff down.  I was afraid they wouldn't have it or that I would have to spend our money, and then I realized I would be cheating him out of a life lesson anyway.  He needed to learn that things like that happen sometimes.  So I told him what happened. He just got this kind of sad look and said "Ok."  (Think Eeyore)
I told him after our book club that day we could go to the store and see if they had them there or look around and see what else they had.  I got another sad ok, but he didn't complain or anything.  :)

So we headed to Toys 'R' Us, in a torrential downpour, no less.
We had a good time looking around.  They love browsing the board games.  When we came to the right aisle, we found that not only did they have both of the items, but they were still doing the sale!  He could still get his free T-rex!  He was excited, and we were happy to see that he got to get the toys he wanted after all.  The lady at the register was having a great talk with them, and she told them it was her birthday that day.  When the total came up, it was $5-6 more than I thought it should've been.  I said, "I think the T-rex is supposed to be free, that's an odd price?"  Since the T-rex was $11 it didn't make sense.  Well, what happened was that one of the toys (I believe the shark one) was on sale.  So it didn't add up to $25.  So we decided to go find something else to add.  So we went back and found a $3 dinosaur (another T-rex of course).  We came back up to the register.  I joked about how these were the hardest birthday presents we've ever had to get!  No sooner than I said that, she says "These are on sale too!"  So we had to go back and pick ANOTHER $3 toy, since they were half off.  Jonathan picked a dragon.  So we went to the register for the 3rd time.  At last, we were able to purchase the toys.  It ended up being $1 LESS than it would've been online.  So even though it took us a lot of work, and for awhile Jeremiah believed he may not get his toys, he ended up being blessed with 2 extra toys!  He came home with all of this for less than $30.
It was also a nice little reminder that sometimes when things don't happen the way we planned for them too, we develop a negative attitude.  We might get sad or angry.  Why is this happening to me, God?  When just around the corner, there lurks a greater blessing from Him.  Which is one of the reasons we are supposed to give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  Yes, I got all of that out of dragons, dinosaurs, and shark toys.  Also, I forgot to use his $3 birthday coupon.  I guess that means we have to go back again someday.  LOL

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